You know we do shakes but did you know we also serve. . . . . 

Frozen Yoghurt
The healthy alternative to ice-cream
Hawaiian Ice

Choose one or two flavours or a rainbow special!
Hot Chocolates
Terry Chocolate Orange
After Eights
Chocolage Fudge Brownie
Dairy Milk
Diary Milk Caramel
Galaxy Caramel

Vanilla Chai
A recipe that is centuries old and will bring a smile to your face.
Cafe Latte
Banoffee Latte
Butter Pecan Latte
Caramel Almond Royale
Caramel Latte
Caramel Truffle Latte
White Chocolate Raspberry Latte
Cinnamon and Honey Latte
Minty Mocha
and much, much more......

The A List Shakes - WOW!!!

The Mad Hatter
Banana and Werthers Original, topped with whipped cream, jelly tots and dolly mistures

The Nutty Professor
Snickers and peanut butter topped with shipped cream, nuts and chocolate sauce

The Dark Night
Oreo cookies and cherry syrup topped with whipped cream, cherry sauce and a flake

The Twilight
After Eights topped with whipped cream, mint crisp chocolate sauce and a flake

King Kong
Banana and vanilla topped with whipped cream, toffee sauce and marshmallow

Blackcurrant millions and black jacks topped with whipped cream, strawberry crunch and sauce

The A Team
Oreo cookies, bourbon, Nutella and chocolate Bueno topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a flake

The Three Lions
Strawberry, cherry and raspberry topped with whipped cream, strawberry crunch and strawberry pencils

Latest additions flavours of milkshake

Nutella chocolate spread
Apple manuka honey and cinnamon
Lemon curd
Raspberry, white chocolate - yummy!

Vanilla fudge
Rice crispy squares
American cream soda
Come in and check out the rest of 180 flavours